5 Benefits of Participating in an Exchange / Study Abroad Program During College

published on 03 October 2023

Studying abroad is an eye-opening experience. People may think that studying abroad is simply for travelling to and staying in a country for a longer time; however, the benefits of studying abroad are way beyond your expectations. Going on a short-term exchange is a decision you won’t regret!

Become More Independent and Responsible 

When you study abroad, you are on your own, which means you have to solve problems all by yourself! Studying abroad challenges you to be an "adult”.  From grocery shopping to managing expenses, you are the one responsible for yourself.  

Through this experience of living in a foreign country without the support and companionship from your parents and friends, you will learn to develop a sense of adaptability and independence.

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash
Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

Develop and Practice Foreign Language with Locals

Let’s be honest -  English is quite a powerful language! While most universities' language of instructions is in English and your classmates can most likely also speak English, it doesn't hurt to communicate in their national language.

Studying abroad allows you to fully immerse yourself in a new language environment. Suppose you already somewhat know or understand their language, you now have the perfect opportunity to take advantage of speaking and listening more when you are there. Like they say, practice makes perfect! 

Your local friends may also help you improve your language skills by sharing tips to learn their language and introducing some local slang and pop cultures. 

Most importantly, don't be discouraged if you’re not fluent or if you have a foreign accent. It’s perfectly normal!

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Get to Know the World

You have a chance to meet other people from around the globe. One of the most valuable experiences of studying abroad is giving you a chance to meet people outside of your own  culture and environment. 

We always see the world through mass media, but the most authentic and accurate sources come from the locals. When you make friends from around the world, you start to become more open-minded and gain wider perspectives on seeing things.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

MiTravel provides travellers a central space to discuss, collect information and plan altogether. It captures where everyone wants to go, what to do, eat and see. 

To learn all about MiTravel's features, read our blog posts below breaking down our unique and intuitive tools and how you can use them to plan your perfect trip!

Discover Local Adventures & Opportunities 

Travel and experience are as important as studying! Studying abroad gives you a chance to discover new and unknown adventures, which you may never experience in your hometown! 

For example, you can try some exotic food, like Scorpions, in local markets if you are in Mexico! In New Zealand, you can try different activities, like bungy jumping and zip-lining. 

If you plan on studying abroad in a European country, you are in even more luck! As European countries are fairly close to each other, transiting from one to the other doesn’t take you much time.

This brings us to say that you may also want to check out some hidden historical destinations in various European countries, such as those within Luxembourg

Some activities and adventures are unique, which may be hard to find in other countries! No matter what, live in the present. We want you to have a memorable experience!

Photo by Nadiia Ganzhyi on Unsplash
Photo by Nadiia Ganzhyi on Unsplash

Meet New Friends and Form New Friendships

Is it easy to make friends abroad? Absolutely! 

Other international students who are participating in an exchange term are just as eager as you are to make friends. With both of you excited to explore the country and share the same journey, it wouldn’t take you much time until you find your best buddies on your exchange term! 

When you find yourself feeling alone, your new friends can also act as your family, your travel buddies when travelling together, and your future tour guide when you visit their countries many years later. 

During your time studying abroad, you and your international friends can count on each other and share tons of collective memories. Either telling some silly jokes or sharing personal experience, These things can’t be replaced and are hard to forget. Even when you go back to your own country, you can still use social media platforms to keep in touch with one another. This lifelong friendship is unforgettable!

Conclusion - Is Studying Abroad Worth It or Not?

The above mentioned benefits all come from our personal experience! 

You learn to be independent, learn a new language, meet new friends and experience other cultures, and live abroad! First and foremost, consider your study abroad goals. Don’t forget, everyone's study abroad experience can vary! It doesn’t matter if you differ from your friends. 

So if you’re now thinking to yourself that you are indeed interested in studying abroad - be it short-term or long-term - you must need to prepare to plan ahead. For travel planning and group travel communication tool, we have a solution for you: MiTravel Planning Board

MiTravel is a central space to discuss, collect information and plan altogether. It captures where everyone wants to go, what to do, eat and see.
MiTravel is a central space to discuss, collect information and plan altogether. It captures where everyone wants to go, what to do, eat and see.

Happy Planning!

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