Why Choose MiTravel?

MiTravel takes you beyond messy spreadsheets or jumping between tabs!

Its simple and clean interface allows you to discuss, collect information and plan with your group (without the headaches).

You can also find places to go or activities to do within MiTravel directly (goodbye to all the tabs!).

Planning board functionality

Plan Better Together

With MiTravel, experience a smooth and interactive trip planning experience with your friends and family. Together, brainstorm ideas, take notes, upload files, and create polls directly on the planning board.

What once needed the use of multiple apps like Google Doc or Spreadsheet, can now all be done in one central space - MiTravel.

Mitravel planning board

Trip Ideas at Your Fingertips

  • Using the explore page

    Everything in One Central Space

    Use the Explore tab in MiTravel to find the best hotspots or attractions closest to you. 

    Simply type in any keyword(s) in the search bar and choose from a list!

  • Google tabs

    Scattered Ideas and Research

    With Google Doc or Spreadsheet, you will constantly need to switch back-and-forth between your tabs. 

    Wasting you more time and effort as you research and copy your trip ideas manually one by one.

Get Details without the Hassel

Save yourself time from manually looking up and inputting information one by one. 

With MiTravel, you get access to all the hotspot details (e.g. ratings, address, contact information, hours of operation, etc).

Say goodbye to the days of having to copy and paste everything into your Google Docs or Spreadsheet! Just simply click "Add to board".

Hotspot info

MiTravel vs. Google Docs/Spreadsheets

Mitravel logo


Google logos

Google Docs/Spreadsheets

Group Collaboration
Invite others to edit or view your trip plans with ease
Sort by Colour
Organize and sort out ideas with different colours
Attach Files
Keep all files in one place for easy access at no extra cost
Planning Board
Plan trips using an interactive virtual board
Create Polls
Make decisions amongst group members faster with use of polls
Add Tags
Filter various ideas using custom tags for ease of access
Location Card
Pull up relevant details about attractions (e.g. hours of operation, address) without having to manually input
Integrated Map
Reference each of your location pins with ease to aid in planning
Drag and Drop
Drag and drop files for easy transfer without having to copy and paste all the time

Enjoy a happier and more convenient trip planning experience with MiTravel!