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MiTravel is a virtual planning board for travel enthusiasts and avid planners to collaboratively plan and visualize their best trips together

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Why MiTravel?

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    More Than Just an Itinerary (-Maker)

    With MiTravel you have a space where you and your travel buddies can discuss, collect information and plan together on exactly where you want to go, do, see, or eat!

    Our goal is to provide a better trip-planning experience that's focused on the actual research and planning, which will go into creating your final itinerary.

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    Keep Everything in One Place

    Tired of searching through endless emails to find the bookings you bought six months ago? We are too! 

    Upload all of your tickets, reservations, or any documents as an attachment to a specific card. You will never lose anything again.

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    Ditch the spreadsheets

    Planning with spreadsheets and word docs are TIME-CONSUMING! Who went where? How much time to spend? Keeping everything organized is a struggle we can relate to. 

    With MiTravel, you can see everything visually, and it is so easy to navigate!

How It Works

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    Create a new planning board

    Get inspired from anywhere on the web. Save your dream trip experiences, and organize them by colours and tags.

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    Add your travel buddies to collaborate

    Plan your trip together in one shared space and in real-time! No more miscommunications or things getting lost in translation.

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    Search and add destinations

    Search for any destination in the Explore tab and add your favourites directly to the Planning Board. Use the map as a reference to pinpoint where your saved destinations and activities will be.

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    Create polls to make faster decisions

    Having trouble deciding? Tired of having to ask everyone for their opinions? Make decisions in a breeze by allowing each person to add and vote on whatever is being polled. 

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    Write notes to keep track of important information & discussion

    Not online at the same time? Or just want to leave a reminder for your friends or yourself? Leave each other sticky notes to discuss and have a real-time discussion right below to keep things nice and organized.


Check out the types of travellers who enjoy using MiTravel!

User-Keira-Singapore User-Keira-Singapore

"MiTravel is built to ease your travel planning, be it a solo, family, and/or friend trip."

"Its design is UI/UX-friendly, which uplifts your planning experience. Forget all tens and more web tabs, the inconvenient drag and drop, etc. It's nice to be able to curate all the inspiration and collaborate on the itinerary in one spot. So excited for its launch!"

Keira S. - Group Planner
User-Carlinda-USA User-Carlinda-USA

"As my family’s travel planner, I’m super excited about MiTravel’s Planning Board after seeing all its helpful features during our beta testing session!"

"Not only does it allow you to collaboratively plan your must-see destinations, conveniently see it all on a map and view your finalized trip on a holistic timeline but it’s aesthetically pleasing too."

Carlinda L. - Family Planner
User-Beth-Skiing User-Beth-Skiing

"The more I used the app, the more I realized how great it will be planning my next trip with friends."

"Especially like how all the inspirational ideas and practical details come together visually in one place."

Beth G. - Weekend Planner

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