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MiTravel is everything you need for your next student study or work abroad adventure.

It’s your planner.
It’s your trip discussion platform.
It’s where you vote on where you want to go.

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Hi! I’m Annie 👋

In my final years of university, I had two life-changing experiences. I spent 8-months abroad in both Asia and Europe and traveled to over 15 countries and 25 cities. Before I knew it, I got bitten by the travel bug and fell in love with traveling!

I would volunteer to plan all the trips my friends and I went on from city to city. And if I’m being totally honest, IT WAS EXHAUSTING.

There were spreadsheets everywhere; nobody could decide on anything; the conversation always got sidetracked; and we would find activities that we were super interested in but then forget the very next day. When we actually went on our trips, the itinerary became a hassle because only a few people had copies of it. I remember wishing there was a way for everything to be in one place and to take the stress off of what should have been a fun experience.

And here, my friends, is why we have MiTravel!

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    Plan Better, Plan Together

    MiTravel offers an efficient, intuitive and collaborative way for students to plan and manage their travels!

    • Don't Guess, Plan

      The Planning Board makes it easy to map out where to go, and provides a visual of how near or far each destination point is from each other. 

    • Search Destinations, Directly

      Skip the endless sea of extra tabs on your web browser by searching where you want to go, right on the board, and save it immediately as a card. 

    • Keep Everything Organized

      Track what each item (or card) on the Planning Board represents with tabs to categorize for eating, activities, and everything in between. 

    • Leave a Note

      Not online at the same time as your travel buddy? Leave each other sticky notes to discuss and have a real-time discussion right below the note to keep things nice and organized. 

    • Vote on What You Want to Do

      Make decisions a breeze by allowing each traveler to add and vote on whichever option is being polled. 

    • Choose Your Home Abroad

      Direct web-to-platform integration lets each traveler see where you’ll be staying, how long you’ll be there, and the details of the location. 

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    • Ditch the Spreadsheet

      Spreadsheets are TIME-CONSUMING! Who went where? What time or date should we spend there? The endless amounts of cells used to keep everything organized definitely brings the “school” back to the trip. The MiTravel Planning Board lets you see everything visually, and is so easy to navigate. 

    • Everyone has a say!

      Whether it’s you, me or everyone in between, the MiTravel Planning Board lets each traveler participate in the planning process with real-time discussion, direct map-to-platform integration and essentially act as a virtual bulletin board. 

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    • Make the most of your time

      Plan the itinerary ahead of time with direct route-mapping on the Planning Board, which allows everyone to see where they’re going, when they’re going, at any time of the day.

    • Keep everything in one place

      Tired of searching through endless emails to find the reservation or ticket you’ve purchased six months ago? We are too! Put all your tickets, reservations, or anything else you need for your next trip, all on the MiTravel Planning Board so you never lose anything again.

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    The Team Behind MiTravel

    MiTravel is a travel planning and management solution for students, made by students (and recent grads)!

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      Annie Lo
      Founder & CEO
    • anneduong
      Anne Duong
      Co-Founder & Lead Designer
    • rostmyshkin
      Rost Myshkin
      Co-Founder & Lead Developer
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      Matthew Yu
      Market Research Analyst

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