Top 5 Ways to be a Tourist in Your Own City!

updated on 07 April 2022

Many of you had great travel plans this summer, including overseas internships, work-travel adventures, and semesters abroad. Unfortunately, quarantine restrictions are still in place, so we must put those off for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, it is still possible to get the best out of any staycation. Wondering how?  

Here is our list of a few tips and tricks to be a tourist right where you live (on a student budget, of course!): 

1. Seek out popular Instagram spots to get an authentic tourist experience!


We believe it's time to take your camera on a walk and fill your friends' feed with stunning pictures. Try using hashtags related to your city to see which spots are the most popular with visitors. There is a 100% chance that now you don't have to wait in lines to give yourself a mini photoshoot! Each town has so much to offer; the question is whether you are ready to take it all in. 

There is no better time to goof around by yourself (or with friends) in front of the most touristy attractions. Share some fantastic, IG-worthy pics with your followers while enjoying usually crowded locations. Make sure to check out Mitravel’s Pinterest board, dedicated to finding the best photoshoot travel spots around the world! 

Hot Tip: While checking for popular hashtags or pins, screenshot some of your favourite pictures for reference, and use the same camera setup or poses to make your photos pop! 

Hot Tip 2: Try taking selfies during the Golden Hour and see how even the most basic shots turn out to be truly golden.

2. Try making new friends in your city using online platforms! 


In this day and age, getting to know people IRL can be challenging and, frankly, not everyone is comfortable with face-to-face interactions just yet. That doesn’t mean that you can’t meet people from the comfort of your own home! There are multiple excellent platforms, such as Bumble BFF, Facebook Groups based on your interests, or even MiTravel’s incredible community channels, such as our Instagram page or discord channel (Coming soon!) to expand your virtual social circle! Social distanced or virtual walks, online game nights and FaceTime parties with new folks will surely add to that magnificent touristy experience. 

P.S. Sing up for our mailing list today to hear when we launch the discord channel and be one of the first to join! 

Hot Tip: This is just a friendly reminder to stay safe and be careful about sharing your personal information online!  

3. Go to the most touristy cafe or restaurant in your town, according to Tripadvisor. 


We all know that one spot overflowing with tourists, with overpriced foods and a famous name. Maybe, it's time to treat yourself and test out what everyone has been talking about. It would be such a fun experiment to try out dishes recommended by the visitors! Who knows, maybe all the hype is justified, and you just found your new favourite restaurant. P.S Might be a good idea to check for any COVID protocols in place ahead of time, so you stay safe during your dining! 

Hot Tip: Always, always, always check for happy hour menus! If you have a chance to get that fancy cocktail half-priced, use it!

4. Embrace the history and excitement of local museums and exhibitions 


Let's face it, most of us have never been to the majority of museums in our own cities. Maybe the time to educate ourselves and learn more about the land we grew up on has finally come! Get a camera, an audio guide and go on an adventure through time. Plus, you will get to share all that info with your new friends overseas once you can go abroad again. 

Hot Tip: Try using the MiTravel app to plan your museum trips ahead of time collaboratively with friends!

Hot Tip 2: If you are learning a new language or want that foreign experience, set your audio guide to a different language.

5. Get a new look at your city by hiking at sunrise (or sunset)!


It is an incredible feeling to get mesmerized by the beauty of a city that you already love. There is so much grace surrounding us everywhere we go, and sometimes a breathtaking sunrise is all it takes to experience the joy of travelling while staying close to home. Check out famous itineraries and guides to discover new hiking trails or hidden lookout points! Who knows, maybe you spent years thinking that you have seen everything there is to see, but one hike can completely shatter your expectations. 

Hot Tip: Don't forget your camera. You would definitely want to get that sunrise shot! 

Any other suggestions not on the list that you think would be great for being a tourist in your own city? Comment below and let us know!

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