Why Choose MiTravel?

MiTravel is more than just an itinerary!

It allows you to brainstorm ideas with others before finalizing your plans and helps you find the best options based on everyone’s interests.

Planning board collaboration

Organize & Sort with Ease

MiTravel lets you and your travel mates organize and sort information easily. Give each person or category their choice of colour, or display your trip ideas under separate days by using tags.

You can also add any trip member to (or remove from) any specific attraction or destination

Unlike Wanderlog, MiTravel allows you to customize and organize your trip information in any way that suits your taste.


Decide Faster Together

No more taking days to decide or arguing what to do. With the Poll feature, you and your travel mates can vote and add your own options, making decisions in a breeze.

When using other apps like Wanderlog, there’s a need to hop on other messaging apps to talk, making planning more complicated. 

Using MiTravel’s trip planning board, you can discuss with your travel mates directly!

Poll feature

Plan Your Trip for Free

At MiTravel, we want you to enjoy a fun trip planning experience free of charge. All the features on the trip planning board come at no extra cost.

Yes, this applies to your file attachments too. Upload as many files to your heart’s content. 

MiTravel offers this for FREE, Wanderlog doesn’t.

Adding files

MiTravel vs. Wanderlog

Mitravel logo


Wanderlog logo


Group Collaboration
Invite others to edit or view your trip plans with ease
Integrated Map
Reference each of your location pins with ease to aid in planning
Attach Files
Keep all files in one place for easy access at no extra cost
Planning Board
Plan trips using an interactive virtual board
Create Polls
Make decisions amongst group members faster with use of polls
Add Tags
Filter various ideas using custom tags for ease of access
Location Card
Pull up relevant details about attractions (e.g. hours of operation, address) without having to manually input
Intuitive Search
Type keywords and receive nearby suggestions

Enjoy a happier and more convenient trip planning experience with MiTravel!