The memory of an experience lasts a lifetime, and it all begins with planning!

Where it all began

In Annie's final years of university, she had two life-changing experiences. She spent 8-months abroad in both Asia and Europe and travelled to over 15 countries and 25 cities. Before she knew it, she got bitten by the travel bug and fell in love with traveling!


As fun as it was, a lot of frustrations came up

  • 1

    Nobody could decide on anything

    The group conversation would always gets sidetracked as multiple chat rooms took place.

  • 2

    Messy files

    There were spreadsheets and word documents everywhere. With a lot of details crammed into tiny cells and pages.

  • 3

    No documentations

    We would find activities that we were super interested in, but then forget the very next day because we didn’t have it saved anywhere.


The birth of MiTravel

Annie remembered wishing for a better way of keeping everything in one place and of taking the stress and frustration from what could have been a fun experience. 

She searched the web but found nothing that truly meets the needs of a travel planner, who is still trying to figure out what it is they truly want to do, see or eat after deciding the particular country or city they want to travel to.


And here is why we have MiTravel!

Our values

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Meet the Leadership Team

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    Annie Lo
    Founder & CEO
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    Anne Duong
    Co-Founder & Lead Designer

Join our team!

We love working with ambitious and entrepreneurial-driven individuals who don’t mind a bit of wanderlust.

If you:

  • are passionate about traveling, 
  • have faced the same group planning frustrations, 
  • are interested in building towards a solution,

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