MiTravel Tutorial: Getting Started

published on 08 April 2022

Introducing: MiTravel Planning Board (Beta)

Say goodbye to all your group trip planning frustrations! With MiTravel, each traveller can participate in the planning process with real-time discussion, direct map-to-platform integration and essentially act as a virtual bulletin board.

Relieving you stress, while saving time and energy, as well as making group planning more intuitive and efficient. 

Let's Get Started!

To start planning a trip, you’ll first need to create an account (don’t worry it’s all free!).  

Simply sign up with your name and email, create your username, password, and then check your inbox to verify your account. Sometimes it can end up in promotions and spam, so make sure to check those folders as well. Now you’re all set!


Creating your Planning Board

Let’s go ahead and create your first trip. You’ll end up on the page below where you’ll have to type in your destination, and optionally, a start and return date. 

Upon filling this out, you’ve created your Planning Board, where you and your travel mates can now start planning!


Editing your Planning Board

If you change your mind on your travel plans you can edit your Planning Board accordingly. To edit the trip title, simply click on the title text, type in your updated title, and press enter to save. 

You can also edit the start and end date by selecting the dates right beneath the title. All you have to do is select the new dates of your trip on the calendar and save your changes. 


If you want to delete a trip, click on the three little dots to the right of your trip title. 

Inviting collaborators and how member permissions work

To add collaborators all you have to do is type in their email address, then press enter to send the invite. Their invite status will appear as pending until they accept your invitation. As the admin of the trip, you can remove members at any point if a member decides to opt out of the trip. Once your fellow collaborators accept your invitation, they will be listed by first and last name, then by their permissions. 


You can either invite members as an "Editor" or a "Viewer". 

Note: Editors have permissions to edit everything except for the trip start and end date, the trip title, and they can’t delete the trip - only you, the admin, can do so.  Whereas Viewers can’t make any edits such as adding new locations or poll cards; however, Viewers can still filter through the cards on the Planning Board, invite new members, and vote in already made polls. 

MiTravel was designed for group travel, so let’s invite your travel mates and get on with planning! Click on the "Invite" button to the right of your trip dates to invite additional members. 

Next Steps

Great! Now that you’ve set up your Planning Board, you’re ready to start exploring the rest of MiTravel’s exclusive features. 

To learn more, visit our MiTravel Directory for the comprehensive MiTravel Planning Board Guide, or if you want to learn more travel planning tips and hacks visit our Resources Library or YouTube channel. If you have any other features you want to see implemented please let us know at

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MiTravel is a central space to discuss, collect information and plan altogether. It captures where everyone wants to go, what to do, eat and see.
MiTravel is a central space to discuss, collect information and plan altogether. It captures where everyone wants to go, what to do, eat and see.

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