What Sparked Your Wanderlust? Round 2

updated on 10 November 2021

Hey there, welcome back to the second round of our “What Sparked Your Wanderlust” series.

In this series we ask MiTravel team members on their experiences of encountering wanderlust for the first time! We’re just as restless as you are to get out and travel the world, and we hope these stories help think back on your own wanderlust experience!

First, we have Mina, from the Marketing team!

<b>IG: @minakeung</b>
IG: @minakeung

It was definitely my school trip to New Zealand! It was my first time traveling outside Asia and I got to stay in Auckland for two weeks.
I got some ‘first-time’ experience, like getting to know the first nation's cultures and having peanut butter sandwiches for lunch (surprising match). I don’t think I would’ve learnt this if not for this opportunity. 
The culture and environment are totally different from where I’m from (Hong Kong). It just made me realize that the world is so big! It really sparked my curiosity and makes me want to explore the world and experience foreign cultures! 
‘Wanderlust’ is that strong desire to travel. Someone who has this knows how to plan big and play hard whenever they go on a trip, it's being open-minded and just enjoying life! It’s always nice to have a friend who also shares the same wanderlust as you when planning the trip!


Next, we have Connor, from the Marketing Team!

<b>IG: @connorzap</b>
IG: @connorzap

Throughout my whole life, I have always yearned for adventure; I am driven by curiosity and discovery. But it was on my first trip to Tokyo, in 2019, that this admiration for travel would evolve into a full-blown wanderlust that I can never escape. 
For me, this feeling of wanderlust was provoked by the thousands of small experiences I had each day. It came from meeting and sharing stories with fellow travelers and Tokyo-ites alike and from seeing awe-inspiring urban landscapes, or the serene shrines hidden behind skyscrapers. The abundance of great food, and unique cafés kept me excited to venture down every side street I could find. But ultimately, the lingering feeling of wanderlust comes from diving head-first into a new culture, and seeing first-hand a new way to experience life.

To me, wanderlust is more than just a feeling: it’s an ever evoking call to action that keeps me asking “what else is out there?”. Wanderlust is the intense desire to continue exploring the globe, and to embrace new cultures and experiences along the way. It’s a feeling that allows me to triumph over fear and uncertainty, as I bravely seek adventure. Wanderlust is an amplified sense of curiosity, and it’s the need to experience places, food, and events first-hand – never settling to just read about them or view it in pictures. Lastly, wanderlust is the desire to make the most out of life’s simplest moments.


Lastly, we have Jenny, from the Design Team!

<b>IG: @jennyyyzou</b>
IG: @jennyyyzou

I would say that the first ever trip that has sparked my wanderlust was when I went to  Iceland back in winter 2018. 
Iceland is just one of those countries that resembles no other in the world. I still remember the time when I watched the sunrise from the top of the glaciers, and when I enjoyed a full dancing aurora over a small village. There’s so much more to it, but I was just so truly amazed and speechless!

For the first time, I felt how tiny we all are in this vast and immeasurable universe. I just can’t wait to explore more destinations and experience the rest of the world with my loved ones!

To me, wanderlust is enjoying the thrill and thinking that at any point I could embark on a new adventure!


And there you have it, hope these stories inspire you to chase your dream trips in the near future! Always remember to follow safety protocols when traveling!

Thank you for tuning to the second round of our “What Sparked Your Wanderlust” series! Stick around for the third round, where we ask our Founders on what sparked their wanderlust!

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