8 Organizations to Help With Working or Studying Abroad

updated on 27 February 2022
<i>Image by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels</i>
Image by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels

Starting a new life, whether temporary or permanent, in a new country can be exciting, yet intimidating. One of the biggest aspects of travel is the professional - finding opportunities to study or work in new countries not only paves the way for a stronger, more well-rounded career, but it’s also a great way to change up one’s own personal life and try new things.

That being said, actually getting a hold of those opportunities can be a daunting task to complete on your own. That’s why we’re listing seven organizations dedicated to helping students and employees find and connect with programs and opportunities across the globe, and supporting them as they do so.

1. Global Work and Travel

<i>Image taken from Global Work and Travel Web</i>
Image taken from Global Work and Travel Web

This is a website dedicated to people looking for work, volunteer, or internship opportunities in other countries. The interface is super simple to use, making the search so much easier. The site gives you the option to start your search by either selecting the type of work or study you want to do, or by selecting a location that intrigues you from their list of sponsored countries.

This site is not only easy to navigate but also completely transparent in every aspect of the planning. The costs, duration, and target audience of the programs are all shown clearly at the forefront of every program page, making it easy to determine the best option for you.


<i>Image taken from AIESEC website</i>
Image taken from AIESEC website

AIESEC is dedicated to getting potential volunteers, teachers, and interns to step out of their comfort zones and work in new places. With programs in over 100 countries, AISEC is a great site for finding the perfect opportunity in the perfect place.

The site is simple to navigate, with the Explore tab giving you three options; Teach, Volunteer, or Intern. From there forward you can narrow down your search for programs to location and your specific interests and strengths, making it the perfect engine for those with particular goals in mind.

3. API Abroad

<i>Image taken from API Abroad website</i>
Image taken from API Abroad website

This organization is more focused on students who are hoping to study or intern abroad. With hundreds of programs listed on their site, it’s certain that any type of student can find one that intrigues them, regardless of your interests or ideal locations.

When searching for program ideas, you can look them up either by experiences or locations on this site. Not only does the site offer internships and other similar programs, it also displays classes for those who just want to maintain a normal school schedule while still getting to experience the travel aspect of studying abroad.

This is the perfect resource for students because of it’s wide variety in potential experiences and opportunities, and because of how easy it is to navigate the site and figure out the best options for you.

4. Go Overseas

<i>Image taken from Go Overseas website</i>
Image taken from Go Overseas website

This is definitely the most pandemic-friendly organization on this list, because in addition to providing actual overseas programs for students and interns, Go Overseas has online options where you can participate in international programs without ever leaving the comfort of your home, let alone your country. 

This organization offers a lot, including overseas volunteer opportunities, internships, and even scholarships for both traveling students and those doing international programs online. In addition to student opportunities, Go Overseas also has work options, particularly for those looking to teach abroad.

5. Innustame

<i>Image taken from Innustame website</i>
Image taken from Innustame website

Innustame is a much more personal organization in that it allows you to talk to counsellors in real time and discuss your options. It’s best suited for those considering attending post-secondary educational institutions outside of their country.

The goal of this organization is to guide students through the step-by-step process of planning, applying, and interviewing for overseas institutions. Their site outlines the steps you’ll walk through, and you can easily book an appointment for personal guidance.

Of everything on this list, this organization is the one that most closely follows you and holds you by the hand to ensure your experiences applying to study abroad are as simple and stress-free as possible.

6. Greenheart Travel

<i>Image taken from Greenheart Travel website</i>
Image taken from Greenheart Travel website

Helping people who want to study or work abroad programs is far from Greenheart Travel’s only mission, but that doesn’t stop them from putting their whole heart into the job. This organization helps both teens and adults looking to find education and work in new countries. 

Greenheart Travel’s self-proclaimed priorities are nurturing cultural exchange and broadening perspectives in terms of travel, and these are both achieved by their dedication to helping people who wish to travel for work or education.


<i>Image taken from IAESTE website</i>
Image taken from IAESTE website

This organization works with employers and universities to create opportunities for students looking to gain experience in new countries. Although it’s main focus is internships, IAESTE also provides valuable volunteer and employment opportunities. 

IAESTE supports 80 different countries across the globe, meaning there’s no end to the possibilities for adventurous students, and they only have the intention of growing further. In its long history, this organization has sponsored hundreds of thousands of students, many of whom have left testimonials on its website to display how life-changing this opportunity is.

8. InterExchange

<i>Image taken from InterExchange website</i>
Image taken from InterExchange website

InterExhange offers a variety of programs allowing members to both teach and learn. From teaching English courses in other countries to learning the language of a new country you’re visiting, InterExchange allows for you to experience the best of both worlds. This organization also offers camps, internships and career training for those looking to bolster their career experience.


<i>Image by Sarah Chai on Pexels</i>
Image by Sarah Chai on Pexels

There’s nothing quite as refreshing in the professional world as letting go and searching for new opportunities in completely new places. It’s worth letting go of your comfort zone to reach new heights, and with the help of any one of these organizations, the leap should become that much easier. 

Getting the chance to work abroad isn’t something that should be stressful, so planning for it shouldn’t be stressful either. We hope you learn something new that helps you get one step closer to your overseas dreams.

And of course once you have your mind set on the perfect travel opportunity, be sure to check out our MiTravel Planning Board to help you set your trip itinerary and make sure your trip is perfect even outside of working hours.

If you know any other similar organizations be sure to comment them down below! Happy traveling :)

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