7 Travel Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

published on 26 February 2023
Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels
Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels

Travelling is exciting! There are a few things in life that make your heart beat faster as making a to-do list for your travel. However, in all that excitement, mistakes are waiting in every corner. You can overview a lot of things even if you make the most thorough list of things ahead of you. In order to help you get the trip of your dreams (as you deserve), we came up with this list of travel planning mistakes you should avoid making.

Not putting enough time for security into the equation

Yes, you're travelling and excited to reach your destination. But, the airport's security personnel has an important job all day. Not allowing enough time to go past security has caused numerous passengers to miss their planes. The only thing more stressful than waiting in line is seeing the time before your flight slowly but surely increase.

If you're a passenger on a foreign flight - check in at the airport at least three hours before departure. You should anticipate longer lineups than usual if you travel during a peak travel period (such as a vacation). Being early for your journey allows you to pick a comfortable location in the airport's lounge and unwind before boarding.

Photo by Matthew Turner on Pexels
Photo by Matthew Turner on Pexels

Time calculation is essence 

Going through security at the airport is just one of the time-consuming things that you need to take seriously. It's super important to:

  • not book flights too close together (if there's a delay in the first flight, you might end up stuck in a random country)
  • take time zones into consideration (your 2 pm is not at the same time as 2 pm in France, for example)
  • plan the exact time you'll go to the airport

These seem obvious, but in all the excitement, a lot of people actually forget about them. And that's when the problems arise. Instead of just asking for problems, do these calculations when making a plan.

Developing an overly ambitious schedule

The idea of seeing nine countries in eight days may seem exciting, but in reality, you may not even be able to tell them apart in your photographs. When planning your agenda, try to rein yourself in a little and include some downtime so you can really experience the local culture and unwind. To really appreciate the special atmosphere of your travel location, give yourself enough time to do so.

Failing to make necessary preparations for a journey

While some degree of spontaneity is always welcome on the road, too much might spell catastrophe. This is especially important when you're travelling with a group of friends. Set aside some time to plan out your trip's specifics. You'll have a more relaxing trip and be better prepared to explore the places that demand advanced preparation. Reservations, and often a certain arrival time, may be necessary for entry to some museums. You might lose out on some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities if you wait until the last minute to plan for things like this.

You forgot to notify your bank about the trip

If you unexpectedly use your card in Armenia, but the bank has a record of you living in New York, your card may be detected and placed on hold as a precautionary measure. In just a few clicks, your picture-perfect honeymoon can be ruined. As luck would have it, it takes relatively little effort to prevent this annoying circumstance. Simply notify your financial institutions and credit card companies of your upcoming travel.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Extreme packing is one of the huge travel planning mistakes

Having to drag around a massive, hefty suitcase may really diminish the fun of a vacation. You'll end up with a cluttered hotel room, an aching back, and a mountain of dirty laundry if you bring too much stuff.

Choosing a bag or luggage that is bigger than is required is the first step toward overpacking. Get started with a carry-on and upgrade only if necessary. Pick out everything you think you may need, and then attempt to pare it down by half. Doing this will force you to choose just the most essential items. To make the most of your packing space and your ability to mix and match, stick to neutral colours when packing for vacation. To further reduce the volume of your luggage, we recommend choosing clothes you can use for various purposes.

This is especially important when travelling home

If you moved far away from your family (for college, for work...), according to pro movers, the good way of dealing with it is to plan a reunion trip from time to time. But, these trips are often synonyms for overpacking. You probably subconsciously feel like you're moving back to your family. But, make sure to fight the urge to overpack and pack only the stuff necessary and appropriate for the amount of time you'll spend there.

Not taking the time to know the culture

Not only is it insulting to go to a foreign country and do things considered inappropriate there, but it can also be quite dangerous. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, do thorough research about the local customs in the area. This is extremely important, especially if you're going on a more extended trip, like some exchange programs. Knowing their customs will make you more likable to the locals. And, who knows, they might share some secret breathtaking local spots you wouldn't find in a lifetime on the Internet.

Photo by Follow Alice on Pexels
Photo by Follow Alice on Pexels

Final thoughts

So, as we saw, planning a travel is not all honey and milk. To avoid a bitter taste in your mouth after it, make sure to avoid these travel planning mistakes we mentioned above. Then, leave all the worries behind and sail into the adventure you'll remember for the rest of your life.

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Introducing the MiTravel Planning Board, your free group trip planning partner in crime!
Introducing the MiTravel Planning Board, your free group trip planning partner in crime!

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