3-Money Saving Tips for Your Trip to Japan

published on 03 September 2021
<i>Photo by Tomáš Malík from Pexels</i>
Photo by Tomáš Malík from Pexels

Wanting to go to Japan? We are, too! But traveling to Japan can be expensive, especially if you don’t budget plan wisely! If you're a budget planner looking for an affordable trip to the Land of The Rising Sun, here are some money-saving hacks for your trip to Japan! 


1. Save on 1-day hotel/accommodation costs by booking a night bus

When traveling from one city to another, taking the famous Shinkansen ‘bullet train’ is always going to be an expensive option!

Another low-cost alternative would be the highway night bus! What’s that? Essentially, you can take a long-distance bus to travel to your next destination at night. Not only can reduce your transportation cost, but also save your accommodation costs for a night! You can sleep on the bus for the whole night, and arrive at your destination when you wake up! Willer Express offers 120 bus routes throughout Japan allowing travelers to travel from major cities, like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, to other destinations, like Shirakawago.

<i>Photo by Joan Tran on Unsplash</i>
Photo by Joan Tran on Unsplash

2. Shop in convenience stores and buy your meals before supermarkets close

If you do not have high expectations on food, buying your meals in convenience stores or supermarkets at the ‘right’ time is one of the options to budget and save money!

Believe it or not, the quality of the convenience store food is as good as some meals in the restaurants! You can find cooked meals and classic Oden in the convenience store, as well as snacks from Japan! Famous convenience stores include 7-11, Family Mart and Lawson, which offer different types of cooked or pre-packed meals!

On the other hand, we suggest you visit supermarkets before it (almost) closes. There are usually some good deals- especially some sushi and meal sets! It might be 50% off the original price or lower! Buy more and save it for the next day!

<i>Photo by Christian Chen on Unsplash</i>
Photo by Christian Chen on Unsplash

3.  Unlimited use of Train tickets in a limited time

As a tourist, there are many types of train passes that are exclusive for tourists! You may have heard of passes like JR pass and Metro pass! It takes time to do some research and find out your suitable train passes for your trip! After first-use, Tokyo Subway Ticket may even have validity that lasts for 24, 48 and 72 hours for foreign travelers! 

To maximize the use of these tourist-exclusive train passes for your trip, you may have to go through further organized and detailed planning! Make sure to properly estimate the travel distance and time from one spot to other spots, especially if you want to make the most of the passes you've already purchased!

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