Why You Should Go On a Gap Year

updated on 16 September 2022

From the emergence of online schooling throughout many universities, the gap year has become an increasingly popular trend even after universities and colleges resume in-person learning. Many students and parents are unaware of the benefits and possibilities of a gap year.

At MiTravel, we are here to tell you about all of the benefits of a gap year and how we can help!

Photo taken by Helena Lopes on Unsplash.
Photo taken by Helena Lopes on Unsplash.

What is a Gap Year?

A gap year is typically a semester or full year off from traditional academics between high school graduation and college enrollment or for college students taking an experiential opportunity in between university years.

The intent of a gap year is to give students a break from classroom rigour to allow students to discover themselves, and reconsider learning through alternative education. Gap years can consist of various activities such as learning through paid work, internships, volunteering, and thoughtful travelling in culturally immersive alternative contexts.

Many students can partake in gap year programs that combine work, travel, and school to get the best of all worlds.

What’s So Good About a Gap Year?

Students take gap years for many various reasons. The top three most popular reasons that students want to experience a gap opportunity are:

  • Taking a short but experientially educative break from traditional academics, allowing them to recharge and refocus their time and energy away from school for a period of time.
  • Gap years help students learn more about their own career, personal values, and more through their own personal experiences.
  • Some GAP opportunities have built in college credits offered by various universities that go hand in hand with travel. These credits can be transferred to your university of choice at the time of enrollment or start of your university time in consultation with the university you are enrolled in.

Try a GAP Opportunity Through Innustame’s Recommendation!

Innustame is a educational guidance platform that works with individuals towards, universities, gap/experiential opportunities and careers around the world! 

Innustame features an opportunity that allows for the top 3 most popular reasons an individual would want a GAP opportunity: A break, an alternative experiential educational opportunity and college credits from August 22, 2022 to November 29, 2022. 

Read more about The Great Himalayan Traverse - 100 Day GAP Semester run by Hanifl Center in collaboration with University of Pittsburgh.

Plan Your Gap Year With MiTravel!

Looking to plan your next gap year? MiTravel has you covered! 

Use MiTravel’s unique collaborative planning board to draft and formulate the perfect trip(s) to take on the gap year with you and your friends. 

MiTravel is a central space to discuss, collect information and plan altogether. It captures where everyone wants to go, what to do, eat and see.
MiTravel is a central space to discuss, collect information and plan altogether. It captures where everyone wants to go, what to do, eat and see.

You can start by looking at the route map of the featured The Great Himalayan Traverse - 100 Day GAP semester and then plan the rest of your travel spots on the MiTravel Planning Board (psst, did you know our platform is also FREE to use?)! 

Sign up for MiTravel and get access to a private space where you and your travel buddies can discuss, collect information and plan together on exactly where you want to go, do, see, or eat!

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