MiTravel Founders Edition: What Sparked Your Wanderlust?

updated on 12 January 2022
<i>Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash</i>
Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

Welcome back to another round of our “What Sparked Your Wanderlust” series.

In this series, we ask MiTravel team members on their experiences of encountering wanderlust for the first time! We’re just as restless as you are to get out and travel the world, and we hope these stories help think back on your own wanderlust experience!

For this round, we are proud to feature MiTravel's very own co-founders - Annie Lo, Anne Duong and Rost Myshkin!

First, we have Rost Myshkin!

<b>Twitter: @rostmyshkin</b>
Twitter: @rostmyshkin

The first trip that sparked my wanderlust was my trip a few years ago to Los Cabos, Mexico. I hadn't travelled for a while and was itching to go explore a new country!

Mexico ended up being amazing; the resort was great, people were friendly and sun was nice and hot! I even got the opportunity to explore parts of the town and try out some local dishes!

Wanderlust to me is looking a pictures of food on Yelp that I will eat once I arrive at my destination of choice! 


Next, we have Anne Duong!

<b>IG: annedvnn</b>
IG: annedvnn

For me, it was when I spent 10 days in Singapore with a few friends back in grade 10 (I was around 15 years old).  

That was the first time I traveled without my parents, (first time I went abroad!) and I learnt a whole bunch of things, when it came to traveling on my own (booked my flight ticket, packed my own suitcase, etc).  

Singapore was very different from where I lived back then, thus it was very eye-opening in general. I also happened to not speak English super well, so it was also an incredible learning experience as I was forced to communicate with the locals using English!  

Since then, I jump on every chance I could to travel to a place that I have never been to before! 

Wanderlust for me is to not be afraid to step into the land of the “unknown” and to let that experience transform & reshape your mind. Traveling for me is not just about exciting time spent with family & friends, it could also be uncomfortable, things could go wrong along the way, and all that.  

Nonetheless, I cherish every moment, every experience, either positive or negative, as long as they have touched me and changed me in certain ways.

Anne Duong

And finally, we have Annie Lo!

<b>IG: @careerwithannie</b>
IG: @careerwithannie

It was in fact my first-ever solo trip that sparked my wanderlust.  

One of my group travel plans fell through due to poor communication and organization (we would’ve totally benefitted from using MiTravel if it was available back then), so basically I had a long weekend available to travel someplace else. Not knowing where to go, I decided to literally “spin the roulette” and let fate decide where to go - and it landed on Budapest, Hungary. 

And this was hands-down my most favorite trip, while I was studying abroad in Europe! I stayed in a hostel for the very first time (which also set the bar very high for my future hostel finds, it was just that amazing), befriended other travelers 10+/- years than myself, rejuvenated in thermal baths, tasted many yummy, traditional Hungarian dishes, and went cave climbing.  

I was able to plan my trip accordingly and really enjoyed the city for what it offers. This trip was also what re-ignited my love for travel planning - and gave me the proper refresh to plan many other future solo/group trips to come!
To me, wanderlust is the urge to kickstart one’s planning for another trip immediately after one’s return from the first trip.  

And that’s pretty much sums up my love for traveling. I’m always eyeing the latest flight discounts (thanks FlyTrippers!), bookmarking unique travel spots or hidden gems, and gearing up for my next destination. Literally living the #catchflightsnotfeelings movement!

Annie Lo

And there you have it, hope these stories inspire you to chase your dream trips in the near future! Always remember to follow safety protocols when traveling!

Thank you for tuning to the third round, our special MiTravel Founders edition, of our “What Sparked Your Wanderlust” series! 

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