How to Plan a Group Vacation This Fall!

updated on 04 April 2022

Going on a fall vacation is something everybody looks forward to. However, planning the whole thing is not so exciting, especially if you decided to go on a group vacation with your friends.

If not planned well, this kind of vacation can turn into a disaster. On the other hand, if you put a little effort into it, you will all have the best time of your lives.

That's why we decided to help you by writing this ultimate guide on how to plan a group vacation this fall. So, gather all your friends, and continue reading this article for some awesome tips!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Decide where and when you want to go

The first step of planning a group vacation this fall is deciding where and when you want to go. This can be a hard decision even if you're traveling only with your partner, let alone a whole group of people. Aligning your schedules and agreeing on one destination can be a bit challenging. 

Therefore, you have to start planning your vacation on time to get the best results possible. First, you have to decide on when, and then you have to choose where. For example, if you have kids in school, make sure to choose the dates after they're done with their classes. Or, if you're in college and you're traveling with friends, book the vacation once you're done with your exams. 

When it comes to where, the group can take the survey on where they want to go. Then, take a group vote to choose one place from the list. Make sure everybody truly agrees with the final decision, so there are no problems in future planning.

Pick a group leader

When it comes to group vacations, someone has to take charge and lead the group. It's the easiest way to get things done and stay organized at all times. Fortunately, every group has someone who naturally fills in this role, and they will likely step up at the beginning. 

At first, it can be a committee of two or three people who will look for accommodation options, amenities from individual wish lists, transport solutions, etc. They can then present their findings to the group and make a decision together.

Once you settle on these things, it would be best to choose one person who will lead the group from that moment forward. This person will be in charge of booking the accommodation you all agreed on, collecting the down payments from everybody, making those payments, organizing local guided tours, etc. So, to successfully plan a group vacation this fall, you'll need an experienced and organized leader.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

Set the budget

To plan a group vacation this fall and make it work, you'll have to settle on a budget. Not everybody makes the same amount of money, so you all have to be considerate. Again, everybody can take the survey about how much money they can spend on this vacation, and then agree on a group budget

The good thing about group vacations is that you can get group discounts for excursions, accommodation, and even transport, especially if you start planning on time. So, take advantage of this and get the best deals possible for your group.  

Talk about the group dynamic

Every large group of friends consists of different personality types. While this may work in everyday gatherings, vacations are a little bit different. Not everybody likes the same kind of holiday, which may become a problem when going on a group fall vacation. 

Therefore, you have to discuss your group dynamic before this vacation happens. Ask questions like:

  • How do you like to spend time when on a fall vacation?
  • Do we want to have a more chilled vacation, or do we want to party? Maybe a balance between these two?
  • What about the adrenaline junkies and the fearful crew? How will that dynamic work?
  • Do we all have to go everywhere together? Or can we skip excursions we don't like?

Make sure to answer all these questions so you all get the idea of how this vacation will look like. It's important to plan a group vacation this fall that everybody gets to enjoy. Don't force someone to do something they don't like and don't try to persuade someone not to do something they were looking forward to. Think ... balance!

hoto by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels
hoto by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Use different apps to stay organized

Staying organized from minute one is hard when it comes to group vacations. There are just so many things to think about - from booking the accommodation and tickets to organizing excursions and planning your meals. Thus, it's always good to utilize a useful app that will help you stay focused and on schedule for everything. The MiTravel Planning Board allows you to plan every phase of the trip together with your friends.

Furthermore, there are many apps you can use for fast and easy money transfer, so you won't have problems with splitting checks. 

Additionally, in every large group of friends, there is always one chaotic person who has time for everything. Therefore, it's a good chance they will do everything last minute, even packing. If that happens, to speed up the process, help them with this task and avoid more stressful situations. The important thing is to avoid yelling and fighting. Stay focused and help them with everything they need. Together we are stronger.

Plan your meals in advance

A huge part of every vacation is meals. So, if you're about to plan a group vacation this fall, you have to think about your meals in advance. If you're staying at a hotel, then you don't have to think about it - meals are usually included in the hotel price.

On the other hand, if you're renting a villa or an apartment, you have to decide as a group whether you want to eat out or cook. Ideally, you could do both. Of course, some villas come with a professional cook, which is a great thing. However, if you don't have that option, start planning your meals now.

You can go to a local grocery store or a farmers market on the first day and shop for basic groceries. Additionally, don't let one person cook the whole time; split the roles so that everybody has a task. And if you want to eat out, make sure to reserve restaurants in advance. With a large group of people, it can be pretty hard to find a table.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Final thoughts

As complex as it may seem, it's possible to successfully plan a group vacation this fall if you follow these steps. The most important thing is to stay organized, make compromises, and communicate with each other. Don't make it all about yourself. Do a little bit of everything so that everybody can have a good time.

After all, fall vacations are for relaxing and letting off some steam, so focus on that. Happy planning!

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