Reimagining the Future of Group Travel Planning: Canadian-Based Startup MiTravel Launches Flagship Product

published on 30 November 2021
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“A virtual planning board where travel enthusiasts and avid planners can collaboratively plan and visualize their dream trips"

British Columbia, Canada -- MiTravel will be officially launching its flagship product, the MiTravel Planning Board, on December 1, 2021. Developed to be an interactive solution, superior to spreadsheets and word documents, the MiTravel Planning Board provides a central space for group travellers to consolidate all their travel information. Thereby, allowing groups to plan and discuss their upcoming trip(s) more efficiently and intuitively. 

With this new product, MiTravel aims to lessen the challenges that often come with group travel planning, such as group indecision, conflict and disorganized documentations.

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Benefits of the MiTravel Planning Board include:

  • Consolidate and save all your travel inspirations and information with ease in a central space.

  • Remind your group without the hassle of sending multiple messages with the use of "Notes".

  • Make faster decisions on various topics with the use of "Polls".

  • Access all of your travel documents (flight tickets, hotel reservations, excursion bookings, etc.) conveniently with the use of "PDF Uploads"

  • Reference your chosen destinations and activities visually on the map to see where everything is located.

The MiTravel Planning Board offers all types of avid group travel planners better collaboration and ease in travel planning with their travel-mates. Its easy-to-navigate user interface also promises an intuitive and user-friendly experience. 

Product Testimonials

Throughout the development of MiTravel, our team has continuously connected with travel communities and involved them in various user testings. Here’s what some of the product testers had to say about the MiTravel Planning Board:

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“MiTravel provides a simple intuitive planning board to plan out your trip with friends. I tested out their application by planning out a small trip. It was easy to create activities, polls and notes to share with trip attendees.”

- Savneet S.

“As my family's travel planner, I'm super excited about MiTravel's Planning Board after seeing all its helpful features during our beta testing session! Not only does it allow you to collaboratively plan your must-see destinations, conveniently see it all on a map and view your finalized trip on a holistic timeline but it's aesthetically pleasing too.”

- Carlinda L.

“I am excited to use the MiTravel Planning Board since I can collaborate with friends to create memorable adventures. The board has a sleek design and user-friendly interface. I enjoyed how we can filter the planning cards and add a variety of information to study our destinations beforehand, which in my opinion, is one of the main joys of planning and traveling.”

- David A.

Pricing and Availability

The MiTravel Planning Board will be released as a desktop/web application.

Everyone can start using the MiTravel Planning Board for FREE, when it is officially launched on December 1, 2021. As MiTravel plans to develop more features in the near future, the company will also be releasing further pricing models accordingly in 2022. 

The launch of MiTravel perfectly coincides with the continuing easing of travel restrictions in many countries, reopening of borders, and current mass vaccination efforts that are underway. 

While awaiting final travel guidelines, travellers can kickstart their post-pandemic trip planning with the new MiTravel Planning Board! 

About MiTravel:

MiTravel reimagines group travel planning. We offer an efficient, intuitive, and collaborative way for travel enthusiasts and avid planners to organize group trips.

Ditch time-consuming back-and-forth communication across multiple channels. Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Step into the future of adventures abroad with the MiTravel Planning Board! 

To learn more about MiTravel, please email us at or visit

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