Learn to Plan with MiTravel Today!

Plan memorable trips with your friends with the help of our MiTravel Planning Board. 

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Create a new account

First, let's create a new account with us. Remember to verify your email (check your inbox, promotion or spam folder). After that, you will be able to log in and use the MiTravel Planning Board. 

Create a new trip

Click on the "Plan New Trip" button on the navigation bar, or on your Trip Dashboard, to create your trip.

Add location items

With the MiTravel Explore page, you can search up attractions, accommodations, restaurants, practically anything, and have it saved to your planning board later. 

View & edit a location card

After having added the locations to the planning board, you can click on these items to open up a pop-up that allows you to edit time stamps, add tags, notes & attachments. 

Add a note card

Did you know you can add notes to your planning board? Simply click on "Write a note" tab, add title, description & attachment (optional) to post your note.

Add a poll card

Poll is what makes collaboration when planning your trip with others so much easier. Just click on the "Create a poll" tab, put in your questions, options and hit "Post". 

Add custom tags & filter cards

You can filter the cards on your planning board by card types (location/note/poll), by colors, or by custom tags.

Edit trip title, date & members

Edit trip title & date anytime you want. You can also invite people to collaborate on the planning of your trip by clicking on the pen icon (which is really the best thing about MiTravel - ease of collaboration). 

How member permission works

In the MiTravel Planning Board, you will see that we have three types of users: admin, editors & viewers. Even though you are a viewer, you can still vote on polls. 

Need help?

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to email us at support@mitravelapp.com.