What Travellers Have Said About MiTravel

We get it. It's hard to start trusting a new app. This is why we gathered some real product feedback we've received from users of our MiTravel Planning Board! 😉


User Testimonials

Priscilla-C Priscilla-C

"Once this pandemic is over, I'm excited to use MiTravel to plan and organize a Eurotrip with a friend who is living in Paris."

“MiTravel will be perfect to plan since it allows us to search for places to go and activities we can do while giving us all the info we need and without having to leave the app. It will finally be fun to plan a trip!”

Priscilla C.
Savneet-S Savneet-S

"MiTravel provides a simple intuitive planning board to plan out your trip with friends."

“I tested out their application by planning out a small trip. It was easy to create activities, polls and notes to share with trip attendees.”

Savneet S.
Beth-G Beth-G

“The more I used the app, the more I realized how great it will be planning my next trip with friends."

"Especially like how all the inspirational ideas and practical details come together visually in one place.”

Beth G.
Avinash-R Avinash-R

"I liked the aesthetic and overall feel of the platform."

"It's an intuitive and social approach to trip planning with friends and makes the whole ordeal feel like less of a chore. Happy trip planning!"

Avinash R.
David-A David-A

“I am excited to use the MiTravel Planning Board since I can collaborate with friends to create memorable adventures."

"The board has a sleek design and user-friendly interface. I enjoyed how we can filter the planning cards and add a variety of information to study our destinations beforehand, which in my opinion, is one of the main joys of planning and traveling.”

David A.
Doan v Doan v

“I think it's smart that the app allows for multiple editors to join and plan the app simultaneously."

“It's a great idea to be able to do so.”

Van D.
Jennifer-C Jennifer-C

“MiTravel is a really promising collaborative travel planning platform."

“I love how easy it is to see the distances between planned activities so I can better plan each day!”

Jennifer C.
Carlinda-L Carlinda-L

“As my family's travel planner, I'm super excited about MiTravel's Planning Board after seeing all its helpful features during our beta testing session!"

“Not only does it allow you to collaboratively plan your must-see destinations, conveniently see it all on a map and view your finalized trip on a holistic timeline but it's aesthetically pleasing too”

Carlinda L.
Keira-S Keira-S

“MiTravel is built to ease your travel planning, be it a solo, family, and/or friend trip."

"Its design is UI/UX-friendly, which uplifts your planning experience. Forget all tens and more web tabs, the inconvenient drag and drop, etc. It's nice to be able to curate all the inspiration and collaborate on the itinerary in one spot. So excited for its launch!"

Keira S.

Finally, a space to discuss, collect information and plan together on exactly where you want to go, do, eat or see!