Make Travel Planning Easier for You and Your Friends

Say goodbye to all the stress that comes with coordinating with a big group of people. 

Whether it’s you, me or everyone in between, MiTravel lets each traveller participate in the planning process with real-time discussion, direct map-to-platform integration and essentially act as a virtual bulletin board.

Social travellers

Everyone has a Say

MiTravel allows for a collaborative planning experience with a lot of people. 

Just simply share and invite others to your trip board, and voila, you will all be able to co-plan your trip together!

Collaborative planning experience

Make Decisions Faster

Tired of having to ask everyone for their opinions or scrolling back through message threads to remember what you all decided on?

With MiTravel, you can create a poll to gather everyone’s preferences, allow them to add their own option(s), and make decisions in a breeze.

Using the poll feature

Keep Everything Organized

No more losing important documents or re-sending files to others.

Save yourself time by simply uploading and attaching your tickets, reservations, or any important documents so everyone knows where to find them and easily access these files.

Adding files to the planning board

Plan your next group trip with ease!

What Other Travellers Have Said

  • BETH-G
    BETH G.

    The more I used the app, the more I realized how great it will be planning my next trip with friends, I especially like how all the inspirational ideas and practical details come together visually in one place.”

  • Avinash r

    "It's an intuitive and social approach to trip planning with friends and makes the whole ordeal feel like less of a chore. Happy trip planning!"


    "MiTravel provides a simple intuitive planning board to plan out your trip with friends. I tested out their application by planning out a small trip. It was easy to create activities, polls and notes to share with trip attendees.”