Quick, Simple and Organized Planning

Say goodbye to the endless tabs on your browser and dozens of planning tools. 

MiTravel allows you to search and save all of your travel ideas immediately as a card, add details to your heart’s content, and simultaneously reference a map containing your trip plans.

Research traveller

Search Ideas Easily

In a new destination, but not exactly sure what there is to go, do, see or eat?

Save yourself time by simply typing any keyword in the Explore tab and receive suggestions based on what’s in the area, along with further information of the specific attraction.

Using the explore feature

Eliminate Tedious Typing

There's no need to manually take note of each and every important detail or update your spreadsheet any longer. MiTravel does it for you!

As MiTravel pulls directly from a local map API, you will find all of this information available to you along with a map for visual reference. Focus only on writing notes that are of importance.

Using location cards

Keep Everything Organized

No more going through your emails to find that reservation or ticket you purchased months ago!

Save yourself time by simply uploading and attaching your tickets, reservations, or any important documents so everyone knows where to find them and easily access these files.

Adding files to the planning board

Simplify your planning and keep everything in one place!

What Other Travellers Have Said

  • Keira s
    KEIRA S.

    "Its design is UI/UX-friendly, which uplifts your planning experience. Forget all tens and more web tabs, the inconvenient drag and drop, etc. It's nice to be able to curate all the inspiration and collaborate on the itinerary in one spot. "


    “Not only does it allow you to collaboratively plan your must-see destinations, conveniently see it all on a map and view your finalized trip on a holistic timeline but it's aesthetically pleasing too”


    “MiTravel will be perfect to plan since it allows us to search for places to go and activities we can do while giving us all the info we need and without having to leave the app. It will finally be fun to plan a trip!”